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How does AudioBookCreator help Writers?
  • Do you want to proof read your writings with out printing several pages?
  • Do you want to see how your manuscript sounds when it is read by a native English speaker or a non native like German, or Spaniard?
  • We enable you to listen to your manuscript while you are walking or driving and help you to utilize your time more effectively.
Features of interest to the Writers
  • Converts Word, PDF, HTML documents to Audio for use with CD/MP3 player.
  • Reads Word, PDF, HTML  documents Out Aloud on the computer.
  • Zoom and Magnify Word, PDF, HTML documents as they are read.
  • Highlights words as they are read to follow along.
  • Generates audio Table of Content with one click.
  • Can create several audio files with just one click
  • One click regeneration of audio books.
  • Comes with several Voices for free (about 30).
  • Provides fine control for Speed and Volume.
  • Remembers your preferred voice, speed